Let's Dance !
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Let's Dance!

Bringing the very best live music and dance to South Cumbria.
This is the programe we did for the December 2018 dance - which should give an idea of the variety of the dances we do........ Suggestions for dance programmes always welcome especially if they are dances which a fair number of people in the area can get up and do....
Keep Fit
Make New Friends
Listen to Great Music
Saunter Together
Tango Serida
Modern Waltz
Rumba Diargo/Rosalee/Latin Rumba
October/Sweetheart Waltz
Four Hand Star (1)
Slow Foxtrot
Dinky One Step
Iris/Freda Foxtrot
Jacqueline /Latin Cha Cha Cha
Viennese Swing


~Interval Dance~

Mayfair Quickstep
Glenroy Foxtrot
Lomond Waltz
Tayside/Ballroom Tango
Slow Foxtrot
La Czarine (1)
Rumba One/Latin Rumba
Saunter Kaybee/Shiraz
Square Tango
Balmoral Blues
Catherine/Modern Waltz