Let's Dance !
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Let's Dance!

Bringing the very best live music and dance to South Cumbria.
Programme for December 27th 2019.
Thanks to those who have offered suggestions, which we've incorporated. Something for everyone we hope.........
Keep Fit
Make New Friends
Listen to Great Music
Mayfair Quickstep
Modern Waltz
Balmoral Blues
Rumba Latin/Queen of Hearts/Rosalee
Quickstep Ballroom/Broadway
Sweetheart/Emmerdale Waltz
4-Hand Star
Viennese Swing
Slow Foxtrot/Glenroy Foxtrot
Cha Cha Cha: Latin/Jacqueline
Saunter Shiraz/Together
Ballroom Tango/Tango Serida
Sindy Swing


Alpine Stroll
La Czarine/La Chapelloise
White City Waltz
Slow Foxtrot
Up Beat Medley: Jive/Mod Rock barn
dance/Slosh etc
OT Medley: Classic Gavotte/Lilac/Pride of Erin
Rumba Number One
Royal Empress/Square Tango
Invitation Swing
Melody Foxtrot
Last Waltz: Ballroom/Catherine